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Viteo, is the Austrian manufacturer of outdoor furniture made from high quality materials such as Corian®, teak, iroko, concrete or steel.

They manufacture collection for people who are outside to feel at home.

They proudly carry the "Made in Austria" label.

This is your guarantee for a long time of enjoying with nice furniture throughout the year.


Viteo represents great pure design furniture for your gardens and terraces to turn into a second living room. The smooth transitions in any architectural design became through the years a well known Viteo understanding.

Viteo designs outdoor furniture with the emotional warmth of indoor furniture, resistant to all weather conditions.

Each collection is designed to give you the comfort and coziness inside out.











‘Jackie’ by Mr Blue Sky is the epitome of innovation combined with flawless design. It is the answer to a clear market demand and furthermore entirely manufactured in Belgium. Powered by an inspiring passion, Mr Blue Sky created the first floating lounger ever, combining a lightweight closed cell foam with a quick dry foam for unparalleled comfort. The design is pure, honest and in style, with the possibility to customize color and to have your own name printed on the handle at the back.


The Jackie lounger can be put out onto the sea, behind a yacht, in the lake at your country club or it can float in your swimming pool, as a stylish replacement for an inflatable mattress.


Jackie has undergone a wide range of tests making the lounger highly resistant to sun, salt water, chlorine, transpiration and sunscreen products, hence requiring low maintenance. With it’s light weight this floating lounger is easily stackable, storable and movable.




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